Robert Capa


c_blog_kapaCapa helped to establish Magnum Photos, was friends with Steinbeck and had an affair with Ingrid Bergman.

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Günter Grass

gunter_grassAbout democracy, freedom and capitalism in post-World War II Germany on the occasion of the "Reich's unconditional surrender" 60 years ago tomorrow:

The ring of lobbyists with their multifarious interests ... constricts and influences the Federal Parliament and its democratically elected members, placing them under pressure and forcing them into disharmony, even when framing and deciding the content of laws. Consequently, Parliament is no longer sovereign in its decisions. It is steered by the banks and multinational corporations -- which are not subject to any democratic control.
What's needed is a democratic desire to protect Parliament against the pressures of the lobbyists by making it inviolable. But are our Parliamentarians still sufficiently free to make a decision that would bring radical democratic constraint? Or is our freedom now no more than a stock market profit?

About democracy

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