Kourtney Roy: Portraits of the Artist

16-Dec-kourtneybed.jpg23 Dec 2012

On the second floor of a small apartment building in Montreuil, a suburb east of Paris, there’s a tiny two-room flat with a small diamanté ‘K’ on the front door. This is where Kourtney Roy lives and works. 

Roy belongs to a generation of female photographers whose very existence is changing the face of fashion photography. The old cliché of the male photographer thrusting his lens at a supine female model is becoming a thing of the past.

Her fashion photography (which includes work for Dior and glossies such as Wallpaper*) is splendid, but it’s Roy’s art photography that is really attracting attention. It’s been featured in exhibitions this year in Paris, Deauville and Milan.

Particularly remarkable are her self-portraits, in which she poses, lost in thought, in empty rooms or on deserted beaches.


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