Portrait of the Artist without Beard


The Portrait of the Artist without Beard is a self portrait made by Vincent Van Gogh. It was created in 1889.

This is the only portrait where the artist was without beard. The picture was painted by Van Gogh during his stay in the hospital in San Remy. The artist painted a self-portrait without beard just after having been shaved. He wanted to send a picture to his mother Anna Cornelia Karbentus as a gift for her 70th birthday. Van Gogh could not personally be present at the party and so he wanted to send a picture instead, thereby convincing the mother that he was all right. The author looks younger than his years. It should be noted that during this period Van Gogh made two self-portraits. During his lifetime, the artist created thirty-six self-portraits. In each picture the author paid special attention to emotions: excitement, tranquility and meditation. He tried to find answers to his questions by means of his imagination.

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